Top 7 Essential Tools Guide For All Your Macramé Projects

Top 7 Essential Tools Guide For All Your Macramé Projects

If you are new to macramé you may be uncertain what tools you will need and what else might come in handy. We have put this guide together to share some of our ideas for some of the more essential items.

 1. Cord

Macramé rope string cord twineThe most important item of all – no cord, no creation! There are a variety of different cords available, and most tutorials should advise which one to use. If not, or you just want to create as you go along, then a 3mm or 4mm 3 ply twist might be a good place to start.  Head over to our Macrame Cord Guide to get loads more information on choosing cord for your next project. 


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2. Sharp Scissors

Macramé string cord ropeSharp scissors will save you time and effort when working on your project.  You don’t want to be using your basic household pair when you’re trying to cut multiple cords! They are absolutely essential when you’re trying to cut a nice clean line, particularly when you’re trying to shape your macramé feathers.




3. Tape measure

Tassel & Plume rope string twine cord guide blogYou will need this when measuring out lengths of cord for your project, and to measure wall space for your macramé wall hangings. If you’re following a tutorial, you will be advised the lengths of cord you need, and there would be nothing worse than running out in the middle of an intricate design. And imagine if you’ve finished that wall hanging that’s taken you months to complete and it’s too big for your wall space!



4. Metal Comb or Pet Comb (unused!)

Macramé rope cord twine string blog guideYou will need a sturdy comb when brushing out cord for your macramé feathers and fringes. Whilst a plastic comb is ok and will do the trick, it isn’t as effective and won’t do as good a job as a steel comb. Alternatively, a pet comb will save you time, and will unknot any tangles that may occur along the way.




 5. S Hook 

Tassel & Plume macramé accessory metal S hookThese will make your hanging macramé projects so much easier to work on. You simply attach 1 or 2 to your project (depending on what you are working on) and hang from your door, coat hook, or whatever you have to hand! If you are serious about macramé, and particularly if you are working on large projects, you may want to invest in a clothes rail. This combined with the S hooks will make working on your creations so much simpler.


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 6. Wooden Dowel or Tree Branch

 Macramé natural wooden dowel Tassel & PlumeThese are essential for your macramé wall hangings. If you’re looking for a nice clean finish then you may want to invest in some wooden dowels. However, if you’re going for a more rustic, boho look then tree branches, or even drift wood, will be perfect.  Next time you are out for a walk in the woods or by the sea keep an eye open for unusual and interesting tree branches or pieces of drift wood.


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7. Accessories 

Macramé wooden beads hoops feathers tassel accessoriesYou’ve made a few simple creations, and you want to make something with a bit more detail or try something new, so why not add some accessories? These can range from beads, hoops, artificial flowers or feathers. There are so many different ideas out there for what you can do with your macramé talent. If you’re looking for some ideas of what you can do next, then we have a blog for our top 10 macramé projects. 

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Macramé accessories rope cord string twineMacramé accessories rope string cord twineMacramé accessories rope string cord twine

We hope this guide has been helpful, but if you have any questions, or you think there are others items we should add to the list, please contact us either through the contact page on our website, or send an email to