Top 10 Ideas For Your Next Macramé Project

Top 10 Ideas For Your Next Macramé Project

Are you looking to start your next macramé project? or have you just taken it up as a hobby but not sure where to begin? We have made a list of our top 10 macramé projects with links to easy to follow tutorials to help you decide.


1. Macramé Feather

macramé rope cord feather tassel wooden beadsThis stylish macramé feather can be used as a wall hanging or decoration to give a bohemian feel to your home. You could also make smaller versions to go on a key-ring or a pair of earrings.

Don't fancy making one? We have Macramé feather tassels available to buy Here on our website.



 Click here for the tutorial from March North

Click here to buy our macramé feather tassel



2. Macramé Wall Hanging

Wall hangings are an excellent way of showing off your macramé skills, and this easy tutorial will show you how to begin with some basic knots. Once you have mastered this one, we've found there are many free online tutorials for more complicated and varied designs.




Click here for the tutorial from The Spruce Crafts


3. Macramé Plant Hanger

The classic macramé plant hanger can be hung indoors or out, and can add more greenery to your living space.The free tutorial from Ideal Home is simple to follow, and the rope and wooden ring can be purchased from our website Here.




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4. Macramé Dream Catcher

If you're more experienced with your macramé knots and looking for a challenge, this tutorial could be for you. 

This dream catcher wall hanging would look stylish in your home, and could go in any room.




Click here for the tutorial from Collective Gen


5. Macramé Necklace

Macramé string cord rope necklace

Including some fashion in our list, this gorgeous macramé necklace would look great with most outfits, and could even be given as a gift. You could also make matching earrings to accessorise!





Click here for the tutorial from Lea Griffith


6. Macramé Shopping Bag

Here's something a bit more eco friendly! With shops encouraging us to reuse carrier bags, you could make your own stylish macramé shopping bag, and save on the plastic Bag for Life.

There are 2 designs in this link, so you could pick your favourite design or make both.



Click here for the tutorial from Collective Gen


7. Macramé Coasters

Macramé rope cord string coasterThese are great for the house proud person, and make a perfect bohemian accessory for your home.

You can even make a larger version, which are perfect to put under indoor pot plants.




Click here for the tutorial from Curly Made


8. Macramé Bottle Holder

So many of us now carry around water bottles, but many are large and clunky. This macramé bottle holder is perfect for when you are out and about.

It could also be make a beautiful wine bottle gift bag. Or how about a smaller version with a clip to go on your bag to hold sun cream when the hot weather is here?



Click here for the tutorial from Llamas + Luffas


9. Macramé Bracelet

There are many tutorials for macramé bracelets, but we loved this one as it is a little bit different, and you probably have the hex nuts hanging about your house somewhere, left over from some flat pack furniture!

You could also use this design as a keyring.





Click here for the tutorial from Mini Eco


10. Hanging Macramé Chair 

For anyone looking for the ultimate macramé challenge, how about this hanging macramé chair? Impress absolutely everyone with this amazing hanging chair, and give your front room a talking point!





Click here for the tutorial from Classy Clutter


Send us your pics!

We hope you have enjoyed this Top 10 Ideas For Your Next Macramé Project Blog Post.  

We'd love to see your finished projects, so please email us some pictures, or post them on our Facebook page.