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Twisted 3 Ply Macramé Cord Rope

Our twisted 3 ply macramé cord is made in the UK from 100% premium quality cotton, and is perfect for beginners as well as more advanced macramé artists. 

This cord is made from 3 groups of twisted fibres, which are then twisted together, giving it a rope like appearance. The cord provides more structure, and holds its shape better when knotted, so the knots stand out more. The 3 ply twist offers added texture and wall hangings can appear thicker and chunkier.

The twisted 3 ply macramé cord is better when more strength is needed, and when untwisted, can create a fabulous wavy fringe effect.  Some users have found that it can add depth and detail to a wall hanging, where they have started off with the cord as one piece at the top, giving a chunkier effect, and then untwisted it further down to add more elaborate detail.

This rope is perfect for wall hangings, plant hangers, keyrings, jewellery and all the many other macramé patterns where the popular larks head, square knot, hitches, loop, barrel, spiral and other macramé knots are used.

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