Knot and Natter - Macramé Inspiration from Jan Frehley

Knot and Natter - Macramé Inspiration from Jan Frehley

This month we will be hearing from Jan, who got into macramé only 2 short years ago, but in that time has set up her own Instagram page, and already filled it with over 100 images of her creations. Jan also runs Beginner's Workshops in and around Chester for anyone who wants to get into macramé! Further information about where these workshops take place can be found on Instagram - Suzie K @ the Secret Garden and theinteriorsshop


Hello, Please could you tell us a bit about you? 

Hi, I’m Jan, I live in Chester, Cheshire with my amazing hubby of 28 years, my lovely rescue dog Alfie and I have one son who has flown the nest. I love all things crafty and have done a great variety in my life.

Jan's picture was taken just before Christmas 2020 at a ‘Meet the Maker’ session in the gift shop at Calderstone Park in Liverpool, where she has some of her pieces on sale.




What first interested you in macramé?

It was back at the beginning of 2019 when I was talking to my Dad about all the crafts I have done over the years, and that I fancied looking at extending my portfolio.  We saw a plant hanger which I liked, and I said, “I could do that” and from that Dad bought me a fabulous Macramé book and said, "here you go, have a go". So, after being consumed in this book, that was it, wooden ring, cord bought, I was hooked and not looked back!


What was your first Macramé creation you made?

Macramé cord rope string twine plant hanger

My first piece was a plant hanger - I’m unsure if this is the first piece every new beginner makes, but it contains the three basic knots, so I just went with it. This photo definitely went out on my Facebook account -  as I was so proud!






Where do you get your inspiration from?

I know in my mind what I would like to make, I am constantly thinking and re-thinking designs and how I can create a piece with the knots I think can and will work together. I also check out patterns on Instagram and YouTube which have an array of creations.


What is your favourite macramé creation you have made to date?

Macramé Rope String Twine Cord Owl Blog Know and Natter Article

Ooo, that’s a tough question! As I’ve grown in creating more and more pieces, each one becomes your favourite. I do love making the Crescent Moons, Flowers and Wall Hangings. But I think my favourite, is my adaptation of the Owl - meet Prof. S. Owl.  These have been popular and I have made a few now for customers, and I love to bring it to life with the little additions.






Are there any particular tutorials you have found useful and would recommend to others?

Yes, I have found YouTube very helpful and once you like a certain maker, I subscribe. The lady I follow and have adapted pieces from is Made in May.


What is your go to macramé cord(s)?

Tassel & Plume Twisted 3-Ply macramé cord twine string rope

I recently bought the Macramé Rope Twine Cord Twisted 3-ply 3mm and 4mm Unbleached Cotton, which is a lovely cord to use.  I’m using both of these for my plant hangers at present and they are ideal for my workshops.

Shop Twisted 3-ply 3mm macramé cord

Shop Twisted 3-ply 4mm macramé cord




Which tools do you find most useful for your projects (if any)?

Definitely a sharp pair of scissors, a good brush to brush out tassels, and a crocheting hook to pull cord through the hole in larger beads.


Can we see some of your projects so far, and can you tell us a bit about the pictures you’ve provided?

Semi-circle macramé wall hanging made with ‘non-binary’ colours.
Mini macramé plant hangers made with ‘non-binary’ colours. 

Semi-circle wall hanging and mini plant hangers made for a customer with ‘non-binary’ colours.






Macramé keyringsKeyrings are popular.  A customer requested a selection of keyrings to be made using the football club Wolves (Black and Gold) and also Royal Marines Corps colours.








What is your next project going to be?

I am currently working towards getting my Beginner Workshops up and running again and I have several lined up. I would love to make a Bridal Backdrop and I think that is one of my next BIG projects.


Finally, have you got any tips or advice you would pass on to other macramé enthusiasts?

Don’t worry if you think you are using too much cord for a project, it is always best to have a bit extra over than leaving yourself short!




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